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Week 9: Tubby Cats taking over Twitter, Sotheby's Punk Auction cancelled

  1. Invisible Friends, a collection of 5,000 animated invisible characters, is topping Cryptoslam’s weekly rating right now, having earned over $69 m since the project’s launch last week. A rare Invisible Friend was sold at auction for 496.69 ETH ($1.3 m) on February 23rd. Current floor price is 5.3 ETH.

  2. 3Landers, a 10,000 NFT collection of distinctly illustrated characters, is another new successful project of the last week. Apart from its design, the key to the project’s success is its partnership with some of popular NFT projects (like Doodles, Cool Cats and Smilesssvrs getting presale mint access) and primary focus on community-building in the NFT space. Current floor price is 1.6 ETH.

  3. Bored Ape Yacht Club has seen sales volume increase again, going back to #3 of the Cryptoslam’s rating. Current floor price keeps decreasing though, currently being 88.5 ETH.

  4. Tubby Cats, a collection of 5,000 hand-drawn NFT cats, has taken over Twitter, and earned more than $22 m over the last week. One of the reasons for project’s popularity is that it gives early access to holders of select NFT collections, including Nouns, and progressive reveal features that made it quicker for the buyers to see their NFT soon after the mint instead of waiting for the collection sold-out which might have not happened.

  5. HOWLERZ, a collection of 5,000 hand-drawn wolves with no roadmap, was released last week with its mint reportedly swarmed by bots. Moments before the official mint contract was released, a fake contract scammed users for over 250 Ethereum. While the culprit of the scam is still being investigated, the project is currently #5 of the Cryptoslam’s weekly rating with its $22 m sales.

  6. CryptoPunks sales volume has increased by 77% over the last week. Current floor price is 68.5 ETH. Meanwhile, last Wednesday Sotheby’s auction “Punk It!,” the first evening sale dedicated exclusively to NFTs, was canceled, after the Punk’s owner had withdrawn the lot.

  7. CloneX sales volume has seen a slight increase, which took them back to top 10 NFT collections and their floor price to 13 ETH.

  8. Azuki sales fell by 52% compared to last week, and their floor price has decreased to 10.6 ETH.

  9. Axie Infinity has passed $4 b in lifetime NFT trading volume, being #1 all-time NFT collection on Cryptoslam, despite its recent sales drop.

  10. Erin Beesley, an acclaimed cryptoartist and coder, is releasing Pseudomods on Art Blocks on March 1st.

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