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Week 8: Azuki's back on top, a new collection by Adventure Time's artist

  1. Azuki sales volume has increased by 30% over the last week taking them to #1 of the Cryptoslam’s rating, their floor price having increased slightly as well up to 13.2 ETH. The project is currently in top 10 NFT collections of all time by sales volume. A week ago Azuki announced in their instagram that Arnold Tsang, former Character Art Director for Overwatch game, became Azuki’s Art Director.

  2. NFT Worlds, a collection of 10,000 Minecraft compatible virtual worlds that released multiplayer server earlier in January, has seen 140%+ sales boost over the last week after its alpha launch on February 19th. Current floor price is 16.98 ETH.

  3. Edenhorde, a collection of 8,800 characters for a play-to-earn game, has earned $22 m since its launch last week. The artist behind the project is Andy Ristaino, Emmy award winner for his work with Adventure Time, whose outstanding artwork and character design might be one of the main reasons of the project’s success.

  4. Mfers, a collection of 10,000 hand drawings by sartoshi, has jumped up #4 in the weekly NFT rating. Current floor price is 5.89 ETH. Despite the fact that there’s no utility or future roadmap, the project remains talked about in the crypto-Twitter world with the organically growing community. According to some holders, the project’s lack of structure is the “entire point of buying it.”

  5. Bored Ape Yacht Club floor price has decreased to 94 ETH, and its sales volume has lowered by 40% over the last week. The project is still #3 all-time NFT collection with more than $1.35 b total sales.

  6. Axie Infinity’s sales volume has dropped by 40% over the last week, the game still remains in top 10 by Cryptoslam.

  7. Tasty Bones, an NFT collection of 4999 skeletons launched last Monday, has earned $18 m in a course of a week, getting to #7 of the Cryptoslam’s rating. Current floor price is 1.82 ETH.

  8. Mutant Ape Yacht Club seems to follow BAYC’s trails as usual, with its sales volume dropping by 30% within a week. Current floor price is 17.9 ETH.

  9. Photographer Drifts is auctioning a Where My Vans Go piece through Sotheby’s. Other NFTs in the collection can be purchased on Opensea, current floor price is 47 ETH.

  10. AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 Frame #64 NFT by Robbie Barrat is auctioned at Sotheby’s as well, with an estimated price of £0.7 - 1.2 m.

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