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Week 7: Record Alien Punk's sale, Axies back to top 10

  1. Rare Alien Punk #5822 sold for record breaking 8,000 ETH ($23 m) last Saturday becoming the most expensive CryptoPunk and one of the most valuable NFT globally. Another CryptoPunk (#5577) sold for 2,501 ETH ($7.7 m) earlier last week, which has become the third most-expensive onchain Punk transaction yet. Meanwhile Sotheby’s will auction more than 100 CryptoPunks in an upcoming event.

  2. Bud Light published its Super Bowl commercial featuring Noun glasses from Nouns DAO NFTs. Although Nouns’ appearance in the commercial of such a scale might go unnoticed for many, it marks an important milestone for the project, as it gets to interact with the largest brands and agencies which opens new opportunities and potential for the future growth.

  3. Karafuru, a collection of 5,555 generative arts launched earlier this month, is topping the Cryptoslam’s weekly rating right now, with $54 m sales over the last week and current floor price of 3.44 ETH.

  4. Pixelmon has earned $50 m over the last week, climbing up to #2 of the Cryptoslam’s rating, despite some NFT Influencers calling out red flags, emphasizing that the game isn’t anywhere close to be finished and saying that it’s just another hyped project.

  5. Cool Pets (Cool Cats’ companions) public sale sold out in less than 2 minutes on February 10th. The project has already earned more than $58 m with its sales volume boosted by 370% over the last week.

  6. Axie Infinity got back to Cryptoslam’s top 10 for the first time in February. The game’s sales volume has increased by 96% over the last week with its Season 20 going live on February 9th.

  7. Bored Ape Yacht Club sales volume has dropped by 43% over the last week, but the current floor price has slightly increased up to 99.99 ETH compared to a week’s ago amount. Meanwhile, identities of the two BAYC core founders were revealed by BuzzFeed earlier this month, raising twitter debates about pseudonymity in Crypto.

  8. Azuki’s sales volume keeps decreasing - this time by 67% within a week. Current floor price has however increased up to 12.5 ETH compared to last week.

  9. CloneX sales volume has dropped as well, by 63% compared to last week. Current floor price remains at 15.45 ETH. A week ago RTFKT studio behind the project released a new “MNLTH” series featuring Nike and RTFKT co-branding, which airdropped to current CloneX holders alongside PodX virtual spaces.

  10. XCOPY’s art piece D I S O R D E R resold on SuperRare for 202 ETH ($578 k).

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