• Elena T

Week 6: BAYC and CloneX record sales, HAPE Prime reveal

  1. Bored Ape #232 sold for 1080 ETH last week. Current floor has decreased though, to 98 ETH, as well as total sales volume over the last week.

  2. Larva Labs is going after CryptoPunks V1 for copyright infringement. Meanwhile, V1 has sold $18 m worth of NFTs within the last seven days.

  3. Azuki sales volume has decreased by 45% over the last week, but the project still keeps to #1 in the weekly rating with its increased floor price of 11.49 ETH.

  4. A rare CloneX sold for 450 ETH ($1.25 m) last week which has become the first million-dollar CloneX sale. Overall sales volume of the project fell by more than 40% though, with its current floor price slightly decreased to 14.5 ETH as well.

  5. HAPE Prime finally revealed, with its sales boosting by 120%, taking them to #3 in the last week’s sales volume rating. Current floor price is 4.38 ETH.

  6. Lost Nouns, a Nouns derivative project showcasing unused Noun traits, launched last week with its first auction.

  7. Hype Bears, a 10,000 NFT collection launched last week, has earned almost $44 m and went to #4 of the weekly rating.

  8. Pixelmon, an NFT collection for an upcoming blockchain game, has sold for $70 m in a mint event last week. Current floor price on Opensea is 1.12 ETH. Alpha version of the game is expected to be released by the end of the second quarter and development to be finished by early Q3 2022.

  9. SuperNormal by Zipcy launched two weeks ago, continues in weekly top 10, with its current floor price of 1.8 ETH.

  10. Minting of Cool Pets, Cool Cats’ NFT companions, finally began a week ago, and the project sales volume has overcome $27 m cap already, closing Cryptoslam’s weekly top 10.

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