• Elena T

Week 51: CloneX topping the charts, BAYC x Adidas

  1. CloneX has outrun Axie Infinity in a week’s period with its 500%+ boost in sales volume and became #1 in the Cryptoslam’s rating from December 13th to 19th. The recently launched project has jumped up #16 in all-time Cryptoslam’s rating already right behind Sorare.

  2. Adidas Originals sold more than $22 m NFTs (Into The Metaverse collection made in partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comics, and GMoney featuring 30,000 NFTs) on December 17th, but had some issues with many people not being able to mint and losing gas fees which the company has promised to reimburse.

  3. Loot: Explorers announced the launch to take place on December 21st. Loot project is #7 of all-time Cryptoslam’s rating with almost $268 m sales total.

  4. BAYC is #5 of the Cryptoslam’s rating over the last week. The floor price has decreased from 52.77 to 51.1 ETH since last week.

  5. CryptoPunks’ floor price keeps decreasing, currently it is 59.95 ETH (compared to 65 ETH a week ago).

  6. The Sandbox is launching a SAND staking program on Polygon. The game is #7 of the weekly rating, with 7% increase of the sales volume.

  7. Nanopass, a collection of 5,555 virtual plots in the Nanoverse, has sold $21.5 m worth NFTs and reached #8 in the weekly rating by sales volume.

  8. My Pet Hooligan, a collection of 8,888 3D NFTs that will also serve as playable characters in The Rabbit Hole Metaverse due for beta release in Q1 2022, has sold for $14 m and got to #9 of the Cryptoslam’s weekly rating.

  9. Gremplin launched MistleToadz, special Christmas edition for CrypToadz holders. CrypToadz remains #11 NFT collection of all time by sales volume, but hasn’t seen much increase over the last week, keeping to #30 in the weekly rating with $3m sales increase.

  10. Creature World NFT project has seen 70% sales volume increase over the last week, with its recent launch of the journey - the first play experience of many yet to come - for the holders of 10,000 Creatures NFTs.

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