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Week 50: largest NFT art sale, BAYC launching a blockchain game

  1. CryptoPunk #4156, one of only 24 ape CryptoPunks, sold for 2500 ETH, or approximately $10.26 m USD, on Thursday, December 9th. The sale marks one of the largest NFT sales to date. However, CryptoPunks’ floor price has dropped again, to 65 ETH.

  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club and Animoca Brands today announced a partnership to develop and publish a blockchain game utilizing BAYC NFTs. Meanwhile, BAYC has gone back to #3 of the Cryptoslam’s weekly rating. Current floor price is 52.77 ETH.

  3. CloneX collection (an avatar project, collaboration between RTFKT Studios recently bought by Nike and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami) is #4 in sales volume over the last week. Current floor price is 5 ETH.

  4. Ape Kids Club sales volume has increased by 50% over the last week, taking them to #5 of the weekly rating. The floor price has increased as well, up to 1.5 ETH on OpenSea.

  5. The Sandbox sales volume has reduced by 50% since last week, current floor price of the in game land is 3 ETH.

  6. Art Blocks sales volume keeps increasing since last week. The project has reached #7 of the weekly rating.

  7. Crypto Bull Society, a recently launched collection of 7,777 3D Bulls NFTs, has joined weekly top 10 NFT collections by Cryptoslam.

  8. Slotie, a collection of 10,000 NFTs, has reached almost $10 m sales over the last week. Sloties grant holders access to Defi Gambling and provide real-world benefits at 150 casinos around the world.

  9. Anonymous artist Pak sold his collection of 266,445 units of mass on Nifty Gateways last week, total amount of sale is $91.8m. Buyers will receive one NFT with their accumulated mass next week. This might arguably be the largest ever art sale by a living creator.

  10. CyberKongz sales volume has increased by 98% over the last week, with a sale of CyberKong #201 for over $800 k.

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