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Week 49: Continuing Ape Craze, the Sandbox Metaverse Going Live

  1. CryptoPunks sales volume has increased by 167% over the last seven days, however, their current floor price has dropped to 72.99 ETH compared to the last week’s.

  2. The Wizards & Dragons game, a DeFi x NFT meld, launched last week and has already reached #3 in the Cryptoslam’s weekly rating.

  3. Adidas has launched a metaverse play in partnership with the Bored Ape Yacht Club and other collaborators. The firm purchased a Bored Ape NFT avatar and will create a character based upon it. BAYC sales volume started rising again over the last week, the collection is #4 of the weekly Cryptoslam’s rating.

  4. The Sandbox Alpha is live from Nov 29th to Dec 19th. This is an open multi-week Play-to-Earn event, in which players have the opportunity to explore The Sandbox Metaverse for the first time, through 18 experiences created by The Sandbox’s teams. The Sandbox has gone down to #5 in the Cryptoslam’s weekly rating.

  5. Ape craze seems to keep building up, as a new project Ape Kids Club reaching #6 in the weekly rating, with $15 m sales volume and current floor price of 0.58 ETH.

  6. Mutant Ape Yacht Club has gone up to #7 in the Cryptoslam’s rating, with their current floor price of 6.82 ETH.

  7. Ape derivate Desperate ApeWives has seen over 300% increase in sales volume, making its way back to top 10 NFT collection of the week.

  8. Art Blocks sales volume has increased by 40% over the last week. The project is currently at #9 of the weekly rating.

  9. Wolf Game sales volume keeps decreasing this week, taking them to #10 of the Cryptoslam’s rating.

  10. A new Loot derivative project, Loot: Explorers (8,000 NFT characters), is gearing up for its mint sometime soon.

This week we would like to support the Kitty Art Tokens project, an NFT collection designed and created by a graphic artist for the game-in-development Sylvie's Botanical Garden. Check out the adorable KITs on Opensea.

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