• Elena T

Week 48: Boom of The Virtual Land

  1. Axie Infinity sold virtual land slot for 550 ETH ($2.3 m), just a day after the most expensive piece of virtual land was sold at Decentraland for $2.4 m.

  2. The Sandbox sales volume keeps rising, the game has reached #2 in the Cryptoslam rating over the last seven days.

  3. The sales volumes of both Bored Ape and Mutant Ape have decreased by 70%, but MAYC has dropped to #9 while BAYC keeps to #3 in the Cryptoslam rating this week.

  4. CryptoPunks’ floor price has reduced to 82.95 ETH, together with the sales volume decreased by almost 40% since last week.

  5. JRNY NFT Club - a recently announced membership NFT project that grants access to future JRNY NFT sets, private community chat etc. has reached #5 in sales volume over the last week.

  6. The Littles NFT collection is #6 of the Cryptoslam weekly rating right now, with the current floor price of 0.285 ETH.

  7. Wolf Game sales volume has decreased by 70% since last week bringing it to #7 of the Cryptoslam rating.

  8. Farmers World has gone down #8 with its sales volume decreasing by 60%.

  9. Vox Collectibles project is closing this week’s Cryptoslam top 10 collection rankings, with their current floor price of 1.969 ETH.

  10. Justin Aversano’s photograph sold as an NFT at Sotheby’s for $35k.

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