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Week 47: Barbados @ Decentraland, Sotheby's takes bids in ETH

  1. Bored Ape #8650 sold for 450 ETH. The collection’s sales volume keeps increasing with the current floor price of 42 ETH.

  2. Wolf Game, a newly released NFT on-chain game in which owners stake their sheep or wolves for wool and additional NFTs, has reached #3 in sales volume over the last week.

  3. Mutant Ape has dropped to #4 of the Cryptoslam rating after last week’s dramatic increase. The current floor price is 5.75 ETH.

  4. The Sandbox continued to move up with a 150% sales volume gain, moving to #5 this week.

  5. CryptoPunks’ floor price almost hasn’t changed since last week, currently being 88.45 ETH.

  6. Farmers World has been stable with its sales volume increase, keeping to #7 in the Cryptoslam rating this week.

  7. Vox Collectibles, an NFT collection of 3D characters by Gala Labs, are at #8 of the Cryptoslam rating this week.

  8. The Doodles project notched +20k ETH worth of trading volume in its first month out. It’s currently #8 in sales volume and the floor price is 2.65 ETH.

  9. Cool Cats sales volume increase has slowed down over the last week, but still they are #10 in the Cryptoslam rating, with the current floor price of 7.48 ETH.

  10. Nouns POAP: the top 5 runners-up in every Noun auction are going to receive a unique 1/1 badge created by artist David Horvath.

Other news:

  • Barbados signed an agreement with Decentraland to establish the world’s very first digital embassy.

  • Sotheby’s denominated a sale in cryptocurrency for the first time on November 18th. Banksy sold 2 paintings for 3,093 ETH (more than $12m) at Sotheby’s metaverse location in Decentraland.

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