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Week 46: Disney launches an NFT collection, Jimmy Fallon buys his first ape

  1. Axie Infinity’s sales volume has reached $3b.

  2. Universal Music creates a band of four NFT apes: three bored apes and a mutant ape. Sales volumes of both collections keep increasing over the last week, taking them to #2 and #3 of the Cryptoslam rating.

  3. Jimmy Fallon, a famous TV host and comedian, announced his purchase of one of the Bored Apes.

  4. CryptoPunks sales volume has increased by 76% over the last week and their current floor price has increased up to 88 ETH.

  5. Art Blocks’ sales volume has increased by 276% compared to the previous week.

  6. Farmers World is currently at #6 in the Cryptoslam 7 days rating. Their fellow Farming Tales has dropped from #4 to #21 over the last two weeks.

  7. The Sandbox’ sales tempo has reduced significantly compared to the last week but the sales volume still keeps rising. The game is currently #7 in the Cryptoslam rating.

  8. A new NFT project on the Solana blockchain - Solana Monkey Business, has reached #8 in sales volume over the last week.

  9. Cool Cats is back to top 10 of the week, with their sales volume increasing by 80%. Current floor price is 7.555 ETH.

  10. CrypToadz has made their way back to the weekly top 10 as well, with their current floor price being 5.55 ETH.

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