• Elena T

Week 45: Another rise of the Apes, CryptoPunk's fatal sales mistake

  1. A seller accidentally sold CryptoPunk 7557 for 4.44 ETH (instead of 4444 ETH). Current floor price has reduced to 84.95 ETH.

  2. NFT avatar experiment project Nouns DAO just launched small grants funding in order to encourage creators (artists and devs) to build with Nouns.

  3. The Sandbox has raised $93M in round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 to grow its open NFT Metaverse. The game’s sales volume has increased by 235% over the last week, taking them to #6 in the Cryptoslam’s rating.

  4. Artist Ben Kovach is releasing Edifice as an Art Block Curated series today, November 8th.

  5. Axie Infinity has officially launched its new decentralized exchange Katana on the Ronin blockchain, allowing users to swap their tokens into ETH or AXS. The game’s sales volume has increased by 75% over the last week.

  6. Larva Labs released 3D Meebits models for owner download in order to simplify usage in games and virtual worlds. Meebits’ sales volume keeps falling during the last month, still they manage to stay #8 in all-time rating, with the current floor price of 3.2 ETH.

  7. Social NFT platform Nifty has partnered with Warner Bros to launch 100,000 Matrix-inspired Avatars on blockchain on November 30th to promote the fourth Matrix film. Each NFT will cost $50.

  8. Four apes-dedicated projects are in the Cryptoslam’s top 10 over the last week: Well-known Bored Apes and Mutant Apes are #4 and #7 correspondingly in sales volume over the last week.

  9. Fat Ape Club with almost 600% increase in sales volume over the last 7 days is currently at #8 in the rating.

  10. Desperate Ape Wives inspired by the famous TV-series made it to #10 this week.

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