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Week 42: Punks' biggest bid withdrawn, NBA Top Shot back on track

  1. Axie Infinity raised a $152M Series B; their website is now among the top 500 most-visited in the world.

  2. The owner of Crypto Punk 6046 declined the largest offer ever made on Crypto Punks - 2.5k ETH ($9.5 m). If it would have sold, it would have been the largest Crypto Punk sale ever.

  3. The Mekaverse floor price has dropped to 1.25 ETH but they're still #2 in sales volume over the last 7 days right after all time #1 Axie Infinity.

  4. Kaiju Kingz has jumped up to #3 in sales volume over the last week. Current floor price is 4.5 ETH.

  5. NBA Top Shot sales have risen by 146% over the last week, thanks to a new booster pack collection Run it Back 05-06 that features the 2005-2006 NBA season, a pivotal season in NBA history when Miami Heat defeated the Dallas Mavericks in the finals.

  6. Art Blocks Curated artist, Hideki Tsukamoto drops his own NFT project Fusion. Meanwhile, Art Blocks remains #3 in sales volume of all time.

  7. BAYC: floor price has reduced again, to 35.35 ETH.

  8. CrypToadz’ sales volume has dropped to #9 in CryptoSlam rating. Current floor price is 5 ETH.

  9. Farmers World, another play to earn NFT game with more than 150000 players, has reached #10 in sales volume over the last week.

  10. Mutant Cats have made it to #5 over the last week with their sales volume growing, leaving Cool Cats far behind (#12 over the last week).

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