• Elena T

Week 41: Exploring the metaverse while NFTs keep mutating

  1. The MekaVerse, the new project launched last week, has reached #2 in sales volume over the last 7 days. Current floor price on OpenSea is 6.99 ETH.

  2. CrypToadz have been topping OpenSea’s weekly charts volume last week, now #3 in sales volume according to CryptoSlam.

  3. Nouns, the generative NFT project that creates and auctions a 32x32 pixel character daily, is currently at day 69, with most of the Nouns sold for more than 100 ETH and a total treasury of 9265 ETH.

  4. Cryptopunks: floor price has dropped to 105.88 ETH and the Punks moved to line 4 in sales volume over the last week, giving way to two younger projects, MekaVerse and CrypToadz.

  5. Art Blocks: a collector acquired Dmitri Cherniak’s Ringers #109 for 2,100 ETH.

  6. BAYC announced to launch their own token in Q1 of 2022. Current floor price on OpenSea has reduced to 37.95 compared to last week.

  7. Neo Tokyo Identities: current floor price is 7.5 ETH. #9 in sales volume over the last 7 days.

  8. Mutant Cats: the collection of kitties looking like Cool Cats but mutated, has been launched recently and already reached #7 in sales volume over the last week. A mutant kitty can be purchased for as mush as 0.99 ETH.

  9. Cool Cats: While Mutant Cats are climbing up the tops, their elder brothers have experienced a drop in sales volume and floor price (currently being 10.5 ETH) over the last week.

  10. Cryptovoxels listed 50 new parcels last week, so if you’ve been thinking about buying a piece of virtual land, it’s definitely a thing to consider.

  11. Treeverse is another browser-based metaverse geared to be a social media platform like Discord or Twitter, but with a more NFT-focused community. A private plot granting access to private homes inside of Treeverse can be purchased for 2.39 ETH on OpenSea.

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