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Week 4: Bud joins Nouns DAO, Another Chapter of Apes NFTs

Updated: Jan 25

  1. Meebits sales have gone over $1.7 b during the last week, which has made them #2 all-time NFT collection by sales volume. Current floor price is 3.7 ETH. Sales boost has started with the launch of LooksRare platform earlier this month.

  2. Terraforms saw $1.4 b in sales last week, which took them to #2 of the Cryptoslam’s weekly rating. The Terraforms virtual world is a 20-level 3D castle, created by 11.104 unique land plot NFTs. Each of the land plots comes with a live on-chain art depiction of the code behind the NFT.

  3. Loot trading volume keeps increasing, current floor price is 2.2 ETH.

  4. Azuki has gone up to #4 of the Cryptoslam’s weekly rating with almost 100% sales increase. Its current floor price has also increased up to 4.4 ETH. The collection’s success can be explained by its utility - each NFT gives access to the creative community, online and offline events etc.

  5. Hape Prime, a collection of 8,192 NFT apes has launched on January 20th and reached $56.6 m sales. Right now the collection consists of the blank digital trading card. When the reveal date arrives shortly, the resulting NFTs that were minted will appear, revealing the stylish 3D apes. Current floor price is 7.35 ETH.

  6. Bored Ape Yacht Club floor price keeps increasing, currently it is 93 ETH, leaving CryptoPunks with their 69 ETH floor price far behind.

  7. Beer brand Bud Light joined Nouns DAO last week buying Noun 179 for 127 ETH with the ability to use the image in a Super Bowl commercial. This might be a new chapter for NFTs being used for marketing campaigns on such a scale. Meanwhile, Nouns’ current floor price on the secondary market is 77 ETH.

  8. CryptoBatz, a collection of 9,666 NFT bats, launched by Sutter Systems studio and creatively directed by Ozzy Osbourne, has sold for over $40 m with a current floor price of 1.1 ETH and #7 in the Cryptoslam’s weekly rating.

  9. Mutant Ape Yacht Club sales volume has been decreasing over the last couple of weeks, still the collection manages to stay #9 of the weekly top. Its current floor is 16.99 ETH.

  10. Despite being outrun by BAYC, CryptoPunks' sales volume has increased by 150% over the last week, taking them back to top 10 NFT collections of the week.

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