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Week 38: CyberKongz vs. Bored Apes, Nouns experiment

  1. Nouns: a new generative NFT project that creates and auctions a Noun - a 32x32 pixel character - once daily. «Every 24 hours, forever». As of September 20th, 47 Nouns have been generated by Noun Protocol. Most of the Nouns created so far have sold for over 100 ETH, with the highest sale yet being 613.37 ETH for Noun 1.

  2. Autoglyphs: the floor price has increased from 365 to 399 ETH since last week.

  3. Cryptopunks: the floor price has increased again, being 94.99 ETH now (compared to 79.99 ETH a week ago).

  4. Axie Infinity has reached $2 b in total sales, but saw -23.6% in sales compared to week 36.

  5. BAYC: the floor price has increased from 34.68 to 39.85 ETH since last week, but sales volume has dropped by 34.9% compared to week 36.

  6. Cool Cats: sales volume has increased after they announced on September 3rd that Companions to be dropped in 2-3 weeks. +240% during week 37, current floor price on Opensea is 6.95 ETH.

  7. Genesis CyberKongz reached 100 ETH floor price for the first time and saw +84% in sales compared to week 36. Current floor price of regular Kongz on Opensea is 5.9 ETH.

  8. Vee Friends: floor price has dropped from 23.48 to 14.15 ETH since last week.

  9. Loot: floor price has slightly dropped again to 5.8 ETH since last week.

  10. Moon Cats: announced to be auctioned at Sotheby’s in October. Current floor price is 0.89 ETH.


Institut launches first artist-led NFT platform, a marketplace to buy either from live Drops, or from collectors re-selling their NFTs on the secondary market.

The Worm broke free from a scammer's wallet where it got stuck for 30 days. The project with the only one original Worm that a person can get only if someone else transfers it to them, escaped its NFT and will be resurrected again on September 20th.

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