• Elena T

Week 37: Axie most valuable, Art Blocks @ Christie's

1. Axie Infinity: has got +$1.7 b in total sales becoming “the most valuable NFT collection ever” according to DappRadar (beating $1.27 b sales of Cryptopunks).

2. Autoglyphs: current floor price is 365 ETH. To be exhibited at $20 m NFT exhibition in London together with Cryptopunks and Meebits.

3. BAYC: a group of 101 Bored Ape Yacht Club collectibles sold for +$24 m at Sotheby’s event last week. Current floor price is 34.68 ETH.

4. Cryptopunks: the lowest current price has dropped down to $266 k (79.99 ETH) compared to last week’s $385 k.

5. Art Blocks: total $600 m sales August; will be auctioned at Christies’ in October.

6. Cool Cats: $7 m current volume traded and announced #2 in secondary sales of all NFT projects on September 13th.

7. Vee Friends: current floor price is 23.48 ETH ($78 k) - raised compared to the last week.

8. Loot: floor price has dropped to $21 k (6.4 ETH) compared to last week’s $48 k.

9. Meebits: current floor price is 4.5 ETH. Will be auctioned at Christie's No Time Like Present auction from September 17th to 28th.

10. Pudgy Penguins: current floor price is 2.38 ETH.

New projects:

Feather - on chain generated images; every NFT comes with your own website stored on chain where you can e.g. host games, writings, basically anything.

CrypToadz by Gremplin - current floor price is 0.75 ETH.

MotoGP Ignition - a new project by Animoca Brands, announced and sold out on September 14th.

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