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Week 3: Meebits and Loot's record sales, CryptoSkulls to become new Punks?

  1. A Meebit NFT sold for $49.5M in Ethereum on a LooksRare platform (a new OpenSea competitor), however, the trade looks suspicious. Anyway, Meebits are currently #1 in the CryptoSlam’s weekly top with record 40,000%+ sales volume increase.

  2. Loot trading volume has soared on LooksRare over the last week, most probably because the collection (as well as Meebits) does not charge royalties on secondary sales. Current floor price is 2.088 ETH.

  3. CryptoPhunksV2, a collection of flipped CryptoPunks (literally!), has reached #3 in the CryptoSlam’s weekly rating. Similar collections of flipped images of BAYC (Phunky Ape Yacht Club and PHAYC, launched earlier in December) were banned from OpenSea. According to their website, CryptoPhunks are a fully decentralized community with no leader and no relations to the team that created the contract initially.

  4. Bored Ape Yacht Club floor price exceeded CryptoPunks’ for the second time a couple of weeks ago and its floor price keeps increasing (83.3 ETH currently), despite recent allegations of racism and even neo-nazi ties towards Yuga Labs, the creators behind the BAYC.

  5. The n project, a collection of 8,888 NFTs of 8 randomized generated numbers between 0 and 14, has experienced a huge boost in its sales volume over the last week (150,000%+) taking them to #5 of the CryptoSlam’s weekly rating.

  6. CryptoSkulls, a collection of 10,000 pixel art images, has drawn massive attention in the last few days, after being mentioned on twitter by several high-profile collectors such as Medved, Leonidas and Gary Vaynerchuk. The project initially launched back in 2019, has made $43 m sales over the last few days, current floor price is 2.45 ETH.

  7. World of Women, a collection featuring 10,000 artworks dedicated to inclusivity, has seen 170% increase in sales volume over the last week. Current floor price is 8.35 ETH.

  8. Azuki, a project featuring 10,000 avatars that give membership access to The Garden, a place for artists, builders, and web3 enthusiasts, has reached #7 in the CryptoSlam’s weekly rating. Current floor price is 2.42 ETH.

  9. PhantaBear, a new project launched earlier this month, has already earned over $82 m in sales and has made it to top 10 NFT collections over the last week. Its current floor price is 3.8 ETH. The NFT series is launched in collaboration with Asian pop icon Jay Chou and every token has additional value, granting its owner access to virtual concerts and other venues.

  10. CryptoPunks’ current floor price has dropped to 62 ETH and its sales volume has reduced by 29% over the last week, despite the recent sale of CryptoPunk 2681 for over $3 m.

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