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Week 22: Moonbirds inspire AI artworks, no-roadmap projects get more attention

  1. While there’s not a lot of movement in the market in general, Bored Ape Yacht Club is #1 in terms of sales volume over the last seven days, with a slight increase in sales and floor price (86 ETH at the moment).

  2. No-roadmap and no-utility has reached #2 of the weekly top and 3.18 ETH floor price. NFT phenomenon brought by the bear market and meme culture might not last long but has been doing good so far.

  3. Otherdeed has seen 45% sales volume decrease over the last seven days, even falling behind the Current floor price is 2.95 ETH.

  4. AI Nightbirds is a Moonbirds-inspired NFT collection of 10,000 AI-created pictures that has earned $9.7 m since its launch last week. Kevin Rose, the creator of Moonbirds, called it a beautiful AI work.

  5. rektguy is another no-roadmap meme project that has earned $7.8 m over the last week after being purchased by whale Cozomo De Medici (Snoop Dogg). Free-to-mint project’s current floor price is 0.84 ETH and it has reached #7 in terms of weekly sales volume.

  6. Boki, a collection of 7,777 character NFTS, is getting a lot of engagement on twitter and has seen 100% sales increase over the week. Current floor price is 0.325 ETH.

  7. Genesis, a 10,000 female warriors NFT collection launched last week, has earned over $4 m and is currently #14 in terms of sales volume. The team is also working on music, fashion and gaming projects to become a part of their metaverse.

  8. Chimpers has gone from #4 to #16 this week, with its sales volume dropping by 80% over the last seven days. The project unfortunately hasn’t become as successful as Moonbirds which esthetics might have inspired the Chimpers creators.

  9. Nouns, the project that generates a Noun daily, currently has total 325 Nouns generated and the treasury balance of 24k ETH (~$45 m). Lil Nouns is a derivative project that generates mini versions of Nouns every 15 minutes. Due to the faster pace and more affordable auctions, the project’s treasury has already accrued nearly 1k ETH since its launch on May 11th.

  10. Pixelmon, a notorious project that made $70 m sales in February and then revealed its rather disappointing artwork, has been working on their NFTs redesign in order to delivery the promises that weren’t originally fulfilled and will provide free update to the holders.

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