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Week 21: another Solana project in top 10, unexpected goblins' success

  1. With the continuing bear market, Otherdeed NFTs has been remaining the top project for several weeks now and has even got 11% increase in sales volume compared to the previous week.

  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club is #2 of the weekly top 10 in terms of sales volume, having earned $18.9 m over the last seven days.

  3. might not be a project that would last long, however, its sales volume has reached $17.9 m over the last week. According to the project’s website, there’s no NFT utility, no roadmap, and even no Discord group for the community, so it’s more like a meme NFT project that perfectly fits in the times of the bear market.

  4. Chimpers is an NFT collection created by Timpers.eth, an artist behind Nouns. The project is currently #4 in terms of the sales volume. The project’s roadmap isn’t very clear right now as it launched just a few days ago; basically it says they’re going to build a universe with «an epic adventure» for the holders.

  5. Trippin Ape Tribe is a PFP Solana-based project which artwork basically looks like MAYC on acid. This is the second time in history of NFTs when a Solana project gets into top 10 NFT collections among Ethereum-based projects. It has become more successful than Okay Bears in terms of the weekly sales volume, having earned $13.2 m since its launch. Will it be considered an IP infringement by Yuga Labs? I guess we’ll see.

  6. Despite its recent drop in floor price and overall sales, Mutant Ape Yacht Club reached $1.5 b all-time sales and has become #4 in top 10 most successful NFT projects of all time, following Axie, CryptoPunks and BAYC. The project’s current floor price is 18.5 ETH.

  7. Moonbirds Oddities is a project by Moonbirds, «10,000 Moonbird pellets» designed in collaboration with Gremplin, that will be revealed in July. Current floor price is 2.9 ETH.

  8. Okay Bears sales volume has dropped by 70% over the last week. Anyway, its success as a Solana project will probably lead to more Solana based NFT collections launching, capable of competing with prevalent Ethereum projects.

  9. VeeFriends has recently announced its upcoming collaboration with Beeple. There are not many details yet, apart from Gift Goat token being involved. The project has earned around $1.4 m over the last week which is a relatively small amount compared to the current top 10, but it has seen 87% increase in sales volume so it has been obviously doing better lately.

  10. Forgotten Ethereal Worlds is a landscape NFT project that has launched 350 Genesis NFTs and will later provide a total supply of 5,000 NFTs. The mint date hasn’t been announced yet. According to what the founder said in an interview, the team is aimed at building the bridge between web 2 and web 3 through collaboration with web 2 brands and real-life events.

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