• Elena T

Week 20: bearing with the bear market

  1. Otherdeed remains the top project in terms of sales volume in the time of bear market, although it’s still experiencing almost 80% sales decrease. Meanwhile, the Otherside’s roadmap is still pretty unclear, the project is just hinting on what the game is going to look like, but it's already mentioned on its website that there will be tools for users to build on top of their land.

  2. projectPXN has recently revealed its art. Many people have claimed on twitter that some of the NFTs resemble some anime characters too closely, expressing concern that it might lead to copyright problems. The project creators replied they’re going to replace 15-20 pieces that are the most problematic in their view point with a new art and compensate anyone who bought them with 10 ETH. The collection has earned $21 m over the last week, being #3 in the weekly top 10.

  3. After all the drama with Zagabond revealing his past, Azuki’s sales volume has pumped back up from the lowest of 7.5 to the current 13 ETH. Azuki has proven to have quite a strong community, with many people willing to hold even during the tough times. The project is currently #4 in terms of weekly sales volume.

  4. Okay Bears, or as some people call it «the BAYC of Solana» has earned $17 m over the last week. Meanwhile, Not Okay Bears, a parody project that just flipped the original Bears the other way, deployed on Ethereum, became the most traded NFT collection on Ethereum on the day of its launch (May 16th), until it was delisted from Opensea the next day with its price crashing straightaway.

  5. Karafuru finished minting of its 3D collection x Hypebeast x Atmos. The collection has sold for over $10 m and got to #8 of the weekly rating.

  6. CloneX’s floor price remains pretty stable compared to the other projects, currently being 13.4 ETH. The project holds real life events, attracting many visitors regardless of whether they’re holding any CloneX NFTs or not.

  7. Doodles dooplicator claim has begun on May 12th and will last till June 21st. It’s not clear what exactly it’s going to be, with a trailer reveal and actual dooplication to begin after June 22nd.

  8. Augminted Labs Scientists is a collection launched by Kaiju Kingz with a free mint, in order to attract more people into the community. Holders, however, will be able pay in order to upgrade their scientists later on to play around in the metaverse.

  9. Memeland NFTs is an upcoming project by 9Gag. There’s no official mint date yet, and the project doesn’t have a roadmap, however it has Gary Vee, Kevin Rose and other NFT space influencers among advisors/investors.

  10. CryptoPunks have experienced a slight floor price increase together with their sales volume, going back to top 10 of the week. Project’s current floor price is 51.9 ETH.

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