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Week 18: Otherdeed sales succeed despite criticism, Beanz reveal leads to sales boost

  1. Otherdeed, a collection of land parcels for the Otherside metaverse by Yuga Labs, was launched on April 30th and has earned over $780 m within a week. Yuga cancelling the Dutch auction and selling Otherdeeds for a flat rate of 305 ApeCoin to prevent excessive gas fees didn’t work out, leading to gas prices not falling below 1 ETH. Another thing that has been frustrating to some in the wider BAYC community is that Otherdeed owners don’t get any IP right associated with their NFTs, especially taking into consideration that one of the biggest selling points of BAYC has been the ability of the owners to profit off of the IP of the NFTs they own. Anyway, the launch has been definitely a success in terms of sales volume, and many are still curious of the project’s future, as Yuga Labs designed Otherdeeds to evolve along with what users choose to do in the game.

  2. With the launch of the Otherside, BAYC’s sales volume has increased by 85%, taking them to #2 in the top 10 NFT collections of the week. Its current floor price is 106 ETH.

  3. Mutant Ape Yacht Club has earned $126 m over the last seven days with its floor price currently being 22.9 ETH.

  4. Beanz by Azuki has seen almost 400% sales boost after the project finally revealed this week. Project’s current floor price is 4.05 ETH.

  5. Doodles made a cryptic teaser post on Twitter for an upcoming announcement. Meanwhile, the project hit a new all time high floor price of 21.7 ETH, with its sales volume reaching $43 m over the last week.

  6. Recently launched Okay Bears is breaking records as a Solana NFT project, having earned almost $35 m in seven days. After two years of almost complete domination of Ethereum projects in the NFT space, it might finally mark a change in the NFT culture.

  7. Together with the Beanz reveal, Azuki’s sales volume has also boosted by 120%, taking them back to the top 10 NFT collections of the week. Its current floor price is 25.75 ETH.

  8. Murakami.Flowers Seed, a first own NFT collection of Takashi Murakami who has previously collaborated with CloneX, has earned almost $29 m over the last week. One of the project’s features is that the purchase is limited to one flower per wallet. Everyone buying an NFT first gets a seed, which then reveals into a flower.

  9. Moonbirds' 65% sales decline took the project to #9 of the weekly top 10 NFT collections. Current floor price is 24.88 ETH.

  10. “Crypto Packaged” Goods is an upcoming NFT collection by a group of prominent people in the NFT space, including Chris Cantino, founding partner of Color Capital. Genesis NFTs’ current floor price on Opensea is 26 ETH, with Pop NFTs mint scheduled for May 14th in a public raffle. Owners will get access to alpha chats, seminars and other events.

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