• Elena T

Week 16: Moonbirds breakthrough, $3 m Punk's sale

  1. Moonbirds, a new collection of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs giving access to private club membership and additional benefits to its holders, has earned an impressive amount of $268 m since its launch last week. Project’s floor price is already 18.5 ETH.

  2. Mutant Ape Yacht Club keeps to #2 of the Cryptoslam’s rating, despite its recent sales drop and slight floor price decrease to 26 ETH.

  3. BAYC sales volume has decreased by 20% over the last week, with the collection going to #3 of the weekly rating. Current floor price has however increased up to 108 ETH. Coinbase announced launching a BAYC-themed film trilogy earlier last week.

  4. Azuki sales volume has increased by 17% over the last seven days, taking the project up to #4 of the weekly rating. A week ago Azuki announced its upcoming collaboration with legendary Korean hip-hop trio Epic High for their performance at Coachella this year.

  5. CryptoPunk #7756 was purchased for 1,05k ETH ($3.23 m). The collection’s sales volume has increased by 137% over the last week, taking the punks back to top 10.

  6. CloneX sales keep decreasing for a third week in a row. The project, however, manages to stay in weekly top 10, with its current floor price of 18 ETH.

  7. MOAR by Joan Cornella has gone down to #8 of the weekly rating after its rather successful launch two weeks ago. The project’s sales volume has decreased by 57%, current floor price is 1.139 ETH.

  8. Doodles collection has seen a 14% sales increase over the last week, which has taken them back to top 10 NFT projects by sales volume.

  9. Nouns DAO is collecting new Noun traits for the first birthday of the Nouns project, with plans to add the best on August 8th.

  10. Starry Night Capital acquired Bedtime by Grant Riven Yun for 29.99 ETH.

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