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Week 14: Azuki releases BEANZ, Anime taking over the NFT world

  1. Azuki remains one of the top performers of the NFT world recently, with its sales going up to $95 m over the last seven days and its floor price jumping from 15.68 to 27.8 ETH.

  2. On March 31st Azuki airdropped its upcoming BEANZ NFTs to all Azuki holders during the Azuki NFT LA party. The new collection hasn’t been revealed yet but its floor price on Opensea is 5.35 ETH already.

  3. CloneX has seen a 270% sales boost over the last week, which has taken them to #3 of the Cryptoslam’s rating. Current floor price is 20.9 ETH. RTFKT Studio behind the project has announced their next event, an exhibition of never-before-seen works by Takashi Murakami, to be held on May 11th.

  4. BAYC has gone down to #4 of the weekly top 10. The collection’s floor price has increased a bit again - up to 108 ETH. In general, BAYC’s sales remain quite high, as the projects earned $42.6 m over the last week.

  5. Impostors Genesis Alines, a collection of NFTs for social gaming metaverse Impostors, has earned $39 m since its launch last week. Its current floor price is 1.85 ETH.

  6. Kiwami is another anime-inspired NFT collection created by an anonymous Japanese team of artists. The collection has sold for over $37 m. The project sets an ambitious goal of bringing together and «empowering artists, builders, and rule-breakers» and will give exclusive access to all future Kiwami offerings to all Kiwami NFT holders.

  7. Last week’s favorite World of Women Galaxy has seen a 60% sales drop and gone to #9 of the Cryptoslam’s weekly rating. The project’s floor price remains 1.49 ETH.

  8. CyberBrokers sales has boosted by 440% taking the collection back to the weekly top 10 rating. Current floor price is 5.45 ETH.

  9. Doodles has partnered with Biion Footwear, an ethical shoe company. This will allow users to purchase 222 pairs of digital Biion x NFT Doodles Paradise sneakers, which work on the Polyon Blockchain. Furthermore, people can get a physical pair of shoes, if they purchase the NFT digital art token. NFT collection’s sales have increased by 111% over the last week.

  10. Generative artist EDG is releasing a new series Mazinaw via Art Blocks.

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