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Week 10: CyberBrokers' strong start, new Murakami's NFT drop

  1. CyberBrokers, an art collectibles ecosystem of 10,001 NFTs launched by artist Josie Bellini on March 5th, tops this week’s Cryptoslam rating, having earned over $32 m. According to the project’s website, each collectible provides membership and access to «different kinds of metaversal experiences» to its holders.

  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club floor price keeps falling, currently being 74.69 ETH. Nevertheless, the project remains #2 of the Cryptslam weekly rating.

  3. CloneX’s sales volume has been increasing since last week - by almost 40% over the last seven days. The project is currently top 3 NFT collections of the week. The floor price however has decreased to 11.4 ETH compared to last week’s 13 ETH. Earlier this month RTFKT, a studio behind the project, announced that holders of Murakami Drip Clones were included in the whitelist for the Murakami Flowers NFT Drop.

  4. Antonym, a collection of 8,888 NFTs has earned over $17 m since its launch last week. The project’s aim is to build the intersection of NFT art, fashion and culture, e.g. each holder is eligible to redeem a limited-edition, designer art toy. Project’s reveal has been announced for this week.

  5. Dippies, 8,888 digital hippies, has sold out for $15.7 m. The project is building a community to work together and hold themed events in the Metaverse.

  6. Invisible Friends’ sales volume has dropped by almost 80% over the last seven days. The floor price has increased, however, up to 7.3 ETH.

  7. Azuki’s floor price has decreased to 9.45 ETH. The project remains in the weekly top 10 despite its continuous sales drop - by 11% over the last week.

  8. Mutant Ape Yacht Club with its 20% sales drop is currently #8 of the weekly top 10. The latest reveal of the Mega Mutant Ape took place on February 22nd, Mutant Ape #30005 arguably being one of the rarest and «trippiest» mutant ape NFTs.

  9. Finiliar is a collection of 10,000 living NFTs that respond to fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies. They become happy and buoyant when the currency they are linked to does well, and sad or even sick when it performs poorly. 1,000 «eggs» were sold to early supporters in January 2022, the rest of the NFTs will be sold this March.

  10. Last week’s Twitter favorite Tubby Cats’ sales volume has decreased dramatically - by over 90% within the last seven days, taking them from #4 down to #57 of the weekly rating.

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